Barangay Club of Indiana

2018 - 2019 BCI Officers

Club's Values

  • Kindness, Respect, and Hospitality towards Filipinos in the Community.
  • Adherence to Filipino values and tradition.
  • Commitment to family and education of our children.
  • Partnership / Affiliation with individual and organization.
  • Serving the community and members well.
  • Easy assimilation to new culture and environment.

2018 Calendar of Events

"To establish pride of being a Filipino, enrich lives in terms of spiritual, social, cultural and educational values relevant to the community we live in, to provide superior service to our members and stakeholders in the State of Indiana".

Our Misson

President - Marlon Alfonso

1st Vice President - Abe Fontanilla

2nd Vice President - Jimena Swims

Secretary -Cynthia Tadas

Assistant Secretary - Teresa Merrill

Treasurer - Angelita Fontanilla

Assistant Treasurer - Pinky Tejam

Business Manager - Michael Credo

Assistant Business Manager - Marie Stephens

Press Relations Officer - Alex Nuico

Assistant PRO, Editor - Albie Marco

  • BCI Mardi Gras Party - February 24, 5PM, Szechwan Garden
  • Easter Celebration - April 1
  • Asian Festival - June 24
  • Christmas Ball - December 15, 6PM, Murat Arabian Room