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The word ” barangay” has two connotations:

An outrigger which was used by early Filipinos migrating to the Philippine Islands. Large enough to carry an entire clan, the “barangay” is an important symbol of Filipino culture and history.

The term “barangay” also refers to the smallest political unit in the Philippines today, a legacy of the early seafaring pioneers. When the Spaniards came, they found the “barangay” system of government among the natives. It was made up of 30 to 100 households and headed by a datu.

Today, when Filipinos form an association or are organized as such, the grouping is popularly called “barangay.”

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The organization of Filipinos in Indiana began with a nucleus of a few students and Immigrant professionals presenting programs and exhibiting arts and crafts of the Philippines. In 1964, the group participated in the Indiana State Fair. Subsequently, the American Legion Auxiliary District 11 Foreign Relations Committee requested for a program depicting Filipino culture.

Shortly after, the group was asked to present a similar program at the World War Memorial Auditorium. Then the International Club of Indiana University in Bloomington requested Filipino group to present a cultural program at the campus. The group that participated in the extravaganza went on to form the Barangay Club of Indiana.

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The first set of officers of the Barangay Club were Mrs. Maria B. Lagadon, President; Dr. Eliseo Delfin, Vice President; Haydee Doloso, Secretary; Neda Jardenil, Treasurer; Dr. Rolando de Castro, Business Manager; Perfecto Lagadon, Publicity; and Floyd Whipple and Helen Zapp as advisors. Since then, the Barangay Club has always participated in the International Festival of Indiana.

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The Barangay Club of Indiana became a not-for-profit corporation on July 3, 1974. The ground work for the incorporation was inititated by Atty. Don Faderan who was then the incumbent Vice President. The Constitution and By-Laws for the organization was developed and a Board of Directors was formed. Sixteen signatories executed the Articles of Incorporation that was filed and approved by the Secretary of State of Indiana.

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The Barangay Club of Indiana is an IRS designated tax-exempt charitable organization. Donors who make charitable contributions are now allowed a deduction for federal income tax purposes.
Barangay Club of Indy Logo


The Barangay Club of Indiana, Inc. has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Its set of Officers and members of the Board of Directors are elected every two years.

The 16 incorporators were:
• Luis V. Advincula
• Lourdes D. Alba
• Adelaida C. Balhon
• Rolando A. de Castro
• Eliseo D. Delfin
• Jose L. Dicen
• Henry D. Divina
• Natividad G. Dumaual
• Nemesio N. Faderan
• Felixberto Garcia
• Maria B. Lagadon
• Jose Villamor Nasis
• Gregorio S. Quizon
• Steve K. Pierson
• Agustin M. Ruiz
• Charles Swanson



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